Leafwell Logistics


We have the expertise and equipment to transport oversized, heavy, or fragile goods. Our team is highly experienced in the transportation and logistics of cannabis products. We offer secure and compliant transport services for cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and many more.

Courier Services

A Reliable Courier Solution

People throughout Missouri turn to Leafwell Logistics because they know they can always count on them for reliable, fast, and affordable same-day delivery and urgent delivery services. Whether it’s an envelope or tens of thousands of pounds of palletized goods for a factory, Leafwell Logistics can get it there. We can do this because we have a fleet of big cars, cargo vans, and box trucks with liftgates. Skilled, bonded drivers with GPS tracking devices handle every delivery. This guarantees that all packages will be delivered promptly, securely, and professionally. Our drivers have been educated to follow federal and state law and any special delivery guidelines set out by your company. Whenever you need assistance, our support staff is here for you. For same-day delivery pricing, please call us or submit an online request. You will only believe how much more we provide if you use other same-day delivery services.

Consulting Services

Navigate Seamlessly the complex
world of cannabis logistics with us.

Each company worth its salt needs a thorough business strategy. Nonetheless, firms dealing with cannabis have unique compliance and planning needs. For the cannabis industry, a business strategy is even more crucial than usual. Securing compliant land, navigating set-back regulations and banking services, accessing adequate insurance, ensuring a profit-making business model that accounts for future regulations, creating compliant security plans, illicit market diversion prevention programs, developing safe operating procedures, and tax efficient business structures are just some of the most important and challenging issues that can be overlooked.

Leafwell Logistics will ensure that your company strategy will cover all of these basics to guarantee legality and success. If your company mainly provides services to patients, we would help you do the research for legal and regulatory frameworks in each nation or state in which you want to operate. Being the first to market is an advantage in certain markets. Your business will succeed in the long term, even if it takes many years to profit. By focusing on these critical areas, we will help your business prepare better, adapt to new legislation, and keep from losing money.

Independent Contractors

Streamlining your supply chain
with precision and efficiency.

We can draft binding contracts that comply with Medical Marijuana Regulations.

  • In establishing your business, Making up Operational Agreements, Making Deal Between Partners or Between Shareholders
  • The conception of Contracts for Leasing and Financing, Sales and Services, and with Vendors and Suppliers.
  • Contracts with Workers, Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Pacts, and Independent Contractor Agreements.

Our team is highly experienced in the transportation and logistics industry.  You have complete freedom in how you spend your time and money. We are dedicated to providing a secure, pleasant workplace, paying competitive wages, and having incentive programs.

Medical Courier Services

Delivering care, one shipment
at a time.

Our medical and cannabis courier services provide convenient and dependable transportation options for the medical and cannabis sectors. Our veteran drivers know how critical it is to provide on-time delivery of medical supplies.

We provide our medical courier services to various customers, including clinics, hospitals, and labs. We use specialized trucks and tools to ensure the secure transfer of medical supplies. Our drivers have been well educated in the safe transport of such things.

Deliveries of cannabis are offered via our courier service to legal dispensaries and individuals with medicinal marijuana recommendations. We understand the special difficulties of transporting cannabis and follow all local, state, and federal laws. That’s why we employ secure and discreet packaging to protect the integrity and quality of your goods. We keep you apprised of your shipment’s progress via real-time tracking, correspondence, and email.

Leafwell Logistics’s mission is to provide our customers with excellent customer service and safe, efficient transportation options. Schedules may be adjusted, prices can be negotiated, and delivery can be tailored to your specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how our medical couriers and cannabis delivery services may simplify your travel arrangements.

Last Mile Delivery

Bringing convenience
to your doorstep.

When you use Leafwell Logistics, you can expect fast, individualized service designed just for your company. Last-mile delivery services provided by Leafwell Logistics are relied upon by businesses in the area. All of your logistical requirements will be met with the help of our dedicated staff. To do this, we work hard to ensure that our services are dependable and affordable.

Even if you have large or unusually shaped freight, our packing and shipping experts will go the extra mile to ensure that it arrives safely at its destination. We provide white glove packing and delivery services if your package requires special handling. We handle all the details of your last-mile delivery. This includes both residential pickups and deliveries that need entry inside a building. With our help, you can develop a last-mile plan that connects you with your clients and guarantees efficient, timely shipping.

The “last mile difficulties” should not affect the efficiency or success of your business. Fast and easy last-mile delivery is now possible with Leafwell Logistics.

Supply Chain Logistics and Management

Delivering on your terms
every time.

Leafwell Logistics’ supply chain management and logistics services can provide your company with complete transportation and logistics solutions. We specialize in ensuring products’ smooth and efficient movement from their manufacturing facilities to their final consumers. The process can be more effective by maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses.

Our logistics staff has worked in supply chain management for years. We use cutting-edge software and hardware to keep your supply chain operating smoothly. Logistics services such as shipping, storing, delivering, stocking, and fulfilling orders are all part of what we provide. As every company has different logistical demands, we provide customized services. To ensure that the logistics plan we develop for your company is effective, we will work closely with you to learn about your business’s objectives and obstacles. We take great pride in the fact that we can effectively communicate with and serve all of our customers.

Leafwell Logistics is devoted to delivering logistics and supply chain management services that meet or exceed customer expectations regarding reliability, efficiency, and value for money. To better organize your logistics and stock, let us assist you. Learn more about our supply chain management and logistics offerings and how they may benefit your company by contacting us now.